The call for special sessions is closed, but papers for the accepted sessions can be submitted. For a list of accepted special sessions, see the call for Special Session Papers.

Special sessions are mini-venues, each focusing on one timely research direction within the content-based multimedia indexing field. Subjects of the special sessions should foster discussions on new ideas and approaches at multimedia indexing and should focus on topics that are either novel in their nature or represent new/challenging views on consolidated domains. Sessions concerning wide scale industrial applications of state-of-the-art content based multimedia indexing are also encouraged, which should however enlighten the benefits of new multimedia services for a specific community or for the general public.

Special session papers will supplement the regular research papers and be included in the proceedings of CBMI 2022.

Usually, each special session should include four to five papers, which can be invited or regular submissions. In order to ensure the high quality of all conference papers, all papers submitted to special sessions at CBMI 2022 will be peer-reviewed through a standard review process, including invited papers. If a special session has many high-quality submissions, some of the submissions may potentially be moved to regular sessions.

CBMI encourages special sessions on new challenging technologies such as bio-inspired approaches and neurocomputing for indexing. CBMI also encourages proposals in mathematics and societal issues which may have an impact on the multimedia indexing domain.

The review process for special session papers will be coordinated with the regular technical program review process, as coordinated by the TPC chairs. The organisers of each special session must provide 1-2 reviews per submitted/invited paper, while the regular program committee will provide 1-2 reviews. Final decision on acceptance/rejection will be made in collaboration between the special session chairs and the CBMI 2022 TPC chairs.

Please submit special session proposals via email to the special session chairs Alberto Messina Alberto and Alexander Schindler